Space Cowboy

778,00 €

Space Cowboy

This one comes straight from the fog of Andromeda. Brought by a cool and lazy guy calling himself the “Space Cowboy”. So we didn’t ask any questions, just took the cloth and made a case out of it. It will fit perfectly in the urban areas of modern cities, where you can be your own space-cowboy.

French Horn Case Space Cowboy

French Horn Case

Space Cowboy

 Size L / M / S 

Euro  *                          
 Regular 778,-   *
 inc. customizing for perfect fit from  898,-  *

*  incl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand / VAT included, plus shipping

bag for mute and bag in the lid is included

not included is the safety belt  (price 29,- Euro)

Do you want to know, which size do you need? Please find an overview of French horns here.

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