Route 66

Cardocase French horn case for detachable horn - style Route 66

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Route 66

In honor of one of the worlds leading symbols of freedom, we named this French horn case after Route 66. And exactly as the road leads from one coast to another, so the dark and heavy look and feel of the  “dark metal” fabric outside, lead the inner beauty within. The longer you look at it the more you will love the beautyful and wider sides of the case.

Cardocase Horncase Route66
French Horn Case Route 66
Cardocase Horncase Route 66

 French horn case  Route 66
 Size L / M / S   Euro   *                         
 Regular  778,-  *
 inc. customizing for perfect fit  from 898,-  *

 *  incl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand / VAT included, plus shipping

bag for mute and bag in the lid is included

not included is the safety belt (price 29,- Euro)

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