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Whether a name, a coat of arms or a logo, we give you the option to sew it inside the lining, on the cover, or even on the outside of the case!


customized French horn case with embroidery and logo



Interior Lining & Outershell Modification

Ask us and we will try to find the right fabric for you!

We have a lot to choose from!


bespoke French horn case customized



We have gained a lot of experience and know which kind of horn fits in which size of case. Unfortunately there is no standard regarding horn sizes. Some manufactures even have differing sizes for the same type of horn. It can happen, that your horn doesn’t fit perfectly inside the case, even in the large case size. In this case we recommend the modification of the case, to ensure that your horn is stored safely in the case. Otherwise it may be too loose and the horn may move within the case, which could damage the instrument.

modification of French horn cases

bespoke French horn case


French Horn Case Customization

Would you like to have a little bit more?

Do you want even more to highlight your personality?

Whether subtle or loud – together we can find the right design!

Customize your French Horn Case to make it your own.

bespoke French horn case